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Thug Shells has arrived with her debut hip-hop release, the “Rainy Day EP”, flexing both her knack for witty raps and catchy singer-songwriter hooks to twist tales of growth, love and loss. The “Rainy Day” EP exists to bring solace to those on their own paths to self-discovery by courageously putting vulnerabilities on record and reminding listeners of the strength that they possess within once they, too, learn to let go. Enjoy the ride as the groovy melodies and soulful instrumentals lay the foundation for the laid-back lyrics to paint soundscapes that will soothe the soul.

Pocket sized self-described bubbly gangster Thug Shells is a conscious rapper straight out of Alberta, Canada, pre-packaged with sass and (b)ass. With an emphasis on positivity, this little punchline pixie captivates crowds in the only way she knows how: gangster adorability. If you mixed equal parts Slim Shady, Mac Miller and the Little Mermaid and put it into a pint-sized package, Thug Shells is what you would end up with. Expect freestyles as ferocious as her ferrets, and only the freshest most banging of beats.

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